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How does the Women's Fund educate its members about community needs?


Each year members receive a ballot of potential programs that address the most critical needs in our community. Members are then invited to a Ballot Review Meeting to learn more about the issues and potential grantees before voting. Women’s Fund members meet to discuss the issues and possible grantees and to decide how they will cast their individual or groups’ votes. Each spring at our Celebration of Grants, members, and guests celebrate the announcement of our new grantees and learn more about the programs we’ve funded. Each fall, members and guests are invited to an educational Grants in Action series which includes educational forums on issues as well as small-group visits to some grantee sites. Grantee year-end final reports are posted on the website to provide additional information. Research Committee members have opportunities to learn about nonprofit organizations and their programs as part of the in-depth research process.

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