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Year Joined

Kathy has been a member of the Women's Fund since 2018. She became Co-Chair of the Events Committee in 2019 and joined the Volunteer Engagement Committee in 2020. She has a B.S. in Elementary Education, M.S. in Elementary Education, and an M.A. in Educational Leadership.  She has taught at the elementary and high school levels, and has served as a District Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, California State Board of Education Academic Trustee, and as Director of Educational Support Services and Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services for the Santa Barbara County Education Office. She retired in 2019 after a rewarding 35-year career in public education. In addition to her work with the Women’s Fund, Kathy serves on the Boards of the Children’s Creative Project and Children and Family Resources Services. She and her husband, Whitt, have lived in Santa Barbara since 2009 and have two children, Meghan (Eugene, Oregon) and Trey (NYC).