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child with child care worker
$ 90,000 grant
Preschool Education for Working Families

This grant will provide gap funding to sustain a tuition-based preschool in Carpinteria serving low-wage working families.

For more than a decade, Carpinteria Children’s Project (CCP) has provided affordable quality early childhood education supporting working parents. The typical family served by CCP’s tuition-based preschool consists of two working parents who earn relatively low wages.  

Studies show that children who participate in high-quality early childhood education develop stronger language, academic, and social-emotional skills and enter kindergarten prepared to succeed. When CCP started in 2009, only 15% of those enrolled were prepared for kindergarten. Of the children who graduated in 2019, 77% were assessed as “ready” or “almost ready” for kindergarten.  

CCP’s tuition-based preschool lost significant revenue and faced financial crisis due to COVID-19 mandates. The grant will allow the CCP preschool to operate until their revenue stream is replenished by increased enrollment at the pre-pandemic levels.